Broken SHM (Smart Home Monitor) on Classic App

This morning the SHM didn’t change the state of the alarm and I can’t clear out the current alert.
Seems like it was rebooted / or updated yesterday. I suspect this to have some sort of relevance to it.

The Classic App just freezes when trying to ackownlegde the alert.

Can this be done with the new app or in IDE?

Multiple people are experiencing the same problem since the most recent hub firmware release. I would post in that topic and also contact support.

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Oh okay. I will get support on the case. Thank you

No problem. Good luck!

Mine happened prior to the firmware upgrade - I think Samsung have done something in the cloud prior to the update being pushed out which has caused our SHM to stop working

Do you receive beta releases?

No - not on any Beta programme

Dang, was just a thought. Have you reached out to support and heard anything back yet?

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I haven’t yet, to be honest I have a separate support case I contacted them about last week and still haven’t heard anything - they seem to take ages and their status page never actually shows any issues, I end up reading about them on here :joy:

Ticket raised: #948743

Now SHM doesn’t even load in the Classic app…


The “not loading” issue has been there for a while now. One way to fix it has been to “kill” to ST mobile app and restart it. ST is slowly doing away with the Classic SHM (for example once uninstalled it cannot be reintalled). It’s best to report it to ST support so they can tag issues together and prioritize them.

You may want to look into the new app STHM (but it has no direct control from SmartApps unfortunately) or check out alternative apps for security like: [RELEASE] Security System: Intruder Alert with Actions

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They just rolled out a fix for Classic SHM, should be getting better.

Looks like a hot fix has been rolled out for this, although I can’t seem to see any note anywhere from ST acknowledging the issue

This has been broken for me now since the end of March. I have a ticket opened but so far nothing has been done except that somehow my entire hub got removed from my account. I had to go and set everything back up again from scratch in the new app since they have basically disabled a lot of the functionality of the classic app to force people to move to the new app.

I’m beyond frustrated at this point. They can’t seem to figure out how to make the new app work and admitted to me that the functionality isn’t there yet , but instead of leaving the old app which functioned fine alone they have to break it too just to prove a point it seems. I would have no problems moving to the new app if even just basic functionality worked but it doesn’t so now I have almost nothing.

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