SHM in classic and V3 apps

The differences between these two apps have been discussed to death and in no way is this thread meant to be such a discussion or to moan about the downfalls of either of these apps.

What I am interested in is the ability to keep the SHM solutions in both apps in synch. I spoke with @JDRoberts earlier today who has advised this is not possible right now, it may never be. SmartThings have decided not to allow any automation of the security features in the V3 app, which I can understand why, at the end of the day security is important and the minute you allow external automation to access the features you are opening a potential attack zone.

However, it would be great if SmartThings themselves could come up with an internal mechanism to keep these two application in synch.

I suspect that the V3 app was meant to eventually replace the classic app, however in reality I cannot see that being possible anytime soon.

Does anyone with inside information know if this is ever going to be something that ST will be working on, or if that are that deep inside ST perhaps make a suggestion to have this feature available.

I suspect for the reasons mentioned above that they wouldn’t be keen to do this, as by allowing them to keep in synch, they are indirectly allowing automation to control the security features of the V3 app, and therefore potentially opening a hole.

This feature would be very useful for me right now, however I have managed to come up with a method of use the works around it, however its not as fully automated as I would like it to be.

Are there any devices on the market (panels or buttons) that integrate into the V3 apps security application that would allow a simple push of a button as I was leaving the house to set the mode within the V3 SHM? This too would make life a little easier for the users of the now two combined SHM systems that I need to operate for my house.

If anyone has any other suggestions I would be grateful.

For those interested here is what I have setup.

In WebCoRe I have automation setup that will detect based on the time of the day and location of my family what SHM to set within the classic app.

I received a new security system today from Vodafone (called v-home) that only uses the SHM system within the V3 app. I can use all the devices that came with it in the classic app, so most of the security features can be controlled from that SHM system, however the camera that comes with it stores video clips to the Vodafone systems should a alert be triggered, only a v3 app alert.

So what I am left with is a fully automatic alarm system without the camera clip saving feature, unless I remember to arm the v3 SHM as I leave the house.If I do remember then the full security system will work. I would ideally like the last piece of the jigsaw automated.

Also the V3 app SHM has some nice new features that the classic app doesn’t have, such as a delay before the siren sounds, they way I have it setup (mostly within the classic app) means that as soon an alert is triggered the alarm goes off. This might not be an issue in practice as that part of the system is fully automated and the alarm should be turned off before any door is opened. Would just be nice to have it all contained in one security system however and if I can keep them both in synch somehow then the automation can run in the classic app and synch itself across to the the V3 app which is used for all the triggers and altering functionality.

I can hope that one day this will be possible, I can also keep my fingers crossed that someone here might be deep enough within ST developer community to be able to advise if this will ever be possible.

Thank you all for reading and I hope that this thread not just helps me but anyone else facing similar issues now or in the future.

Thanks @JDRoberts for the chat we had earlier, it stopped me from hunting too far down a rabbit hole that was just going to drive me insane :relieved::wink::crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::exploding_head:

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It’s definitely the plan, they announced that. They just haven’t said exactly when the classic app will be discontinued.

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When the SmartThings brand button first came out, it was the only device that had that ability. However, they removed the feature a few weeks later. :disappointed_relieved:

So we know they could do it, but they have chosen not to. Make sure you let support know you would like this feature. (They don’t officially Monitor this form, so you have to use the email channel, or the official Facebook page or Twitter feed.)

Last January they did announce a new smartthings keypad and “access“ button, so maybe those would have the ability, but they haven’t released them yet. And again, no timeline has been announced.

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do you have their email address?



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You could also ask Vodafone if they have a key fob device for their system.

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An ST staff member did mention that location services will be able to arm/disarm STHM in the v3 app with the next app update that is expected in November.


Now that would be epic

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Email sent

Hi there

I recently wrote an article on the SmartThings Community SHM in classic and V3 apps

In Summary this is relation to me already having automation created for the SHM within the classic app via WebCoRe which has been working very well for me.

However I just purchased the Vodafone V-Home security system that only works in the new (V3) app which as you know has a separate SHM system which are not linked in any way.

Idealy I would like to be able to keep the two SHM systems in synch so that whenever my automation changes the mode in the classic app this is reflected in the new app.

I can understand the possible security implications from you allowing this to happen, however if there was a mechanism to easily change the mode within the new app this would provide me a great deal of benefit.

Ideally a panel or a button that I can place at the door entrance so that whenever a family member leaves or arrives they can easily set the required mode without having to take their mobile phone out of the pocket/hand bag (when they are likely also carrying shopping bags or other such items) to enable/disable the system. This was the reason I built the automation in the first place, so that it just works without anyone having to remember to enable/disable it.

I understand that you did have a button (perhaps only the USA) that was pulled from sale after only a couple of weeks, and I understand that you have also announced that you are bringing out a panel that will integrate with the new SHM system, however from what I can tell there is no release date yet.

Can you please provide some details on a couple of things.

  1. Will there ever be a way to keep the two SHM systems in synch

  2. Will you be releasing either a button or a panel in the UK

  3. If you will be what will it be and when will it be released.

I thank you for your time in looking at this email and for reading my post in the community.

Best regards

I have checked their website and no fob is mentioned :frowning:

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ST has announced their new Rules API and rebuilt webcore so at some point in the future, you should be able to manage STHM in the v3 app using webcore. No timeline. It will require a firmware update first but also no timeline given for that.


The smartthings button is still sold. It’s just the
SHM feature that was dropped, not the device. You can still use it as a button with any of the automations you can create, it’s just that you can no longer create one that changes the security.mode

Thanks for this, I guess I just need to keep a close eye on things, with a bit of patience eventually I might just get what I want :slight_smile:

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Sorry I had misunderstood you, I bet that is the response that comes back from them… but the button is still for sale, here it is here and no mention of the other stuff I asked :exploding_head:

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And just like that my wish is granted LOL.

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I’m liking this new update. Well done ST. Looks like it’s a real contender for the classic app now.

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Hopefully webcore will be able to read the new sthm status soon.

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It’s supposed to be coming. But the common component between the two is location mode. So just use that in the meantime.

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