SHM Ghost - Classic App Ghost

I myself dug deep into a hole and can’t get out.

I found that new version of ST app is now supporting SHM. I’m tried to transition however:

  • I removed the classic app
  • I didn’t realize that classic app had an intrusion alert that I hadn’t cleared.
  • I continue to get txt messages that SHM (classic) reporting the alert state and I need to clear the alarm. But since app was removed, I can’t clear the alarm.
  • I reloaded ST-classic app in hopes it might hook up with the original alarm state and allow me to acknowledge the alarm — didn’t work.

I was hoping IDE might provide a method but alas, I haven’t found any solutions.

Anyone have a solution or am I doomed to get txt message for the rest of my life?


i think you can delete SHM from the IDE
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Installed SmartApps - smartapps

Reinstall the Classic app, dismiss the alerts, remove all the SHM rules and remove the Classic app :slight_smile:

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You can delete it there, but it won’t stop the notifications! :scream:

See the FAQ:

Thanks all,
Here is the lastest. Classic-app is installed. I’ve attempted to remove all SHM parameters/ alarms/ notifications. I’ve attempted to “purge” everything. It appears like maybe SHM is now in “ready to configure” mode. I hope this cleared out everything…I’ll know more by the end of the day.




Well, the ghost is still around. I re-loaded ST-App-Classic and removed all that I could and that didn’t seem to work. So, I added back the Master-Bedroom-Motion-Detector. The Master-Bedroom-Motion-Detector is the alarm that occurs every hour as text message.

Alternate attempt - I armed the system and triggered the Master-Bedroom-Motion-Detector. I triggered the alarm. I was hoping that by “clearing” the new Master-Bedroom-Motion-Detector alarm, it might clear both the original (ghost) and the new alarm. That didn’t work.

I’m starting to think that the alarm left my app space and now resides in some sort of ST queue that I can’t access.

Any new ideas/suggestions?