SHM Notification after removing Security monitoring from the Classic app

Yes, I know SHM is for the Classic app and STHM is for the new app - yes - they are completely different. I am migrating from the Classic (v2) app to the new (v3) app manually - I didn’t get the banner asking me to migrate yet.

I removed all settings under Classic SHM for Security, Smoke and Leaks, but kept the custom ones because they monitor doors that remain open/unlocked. I set up new Security, Smoke and Leaks rules in STHM in the v3 app.

When an intrusion event occurred, I received notifications from both the new and old apps. What could have made the old app send the notification …? I didn’t have anything in the Classic app to dismiss, as SHM isn’t monitoring intrusion anymore (or so I thought). Thx!

If you do the migration yourself rather than waiting for smartthings to do it In the future, then you have to individually delete each of your SHM rules before you delete the old app or they will just continue to run in the cloud forever and you will have no way at all to dismiss them. :scream:

See the community FAQ:

FAQ: SHM and STHM are different

Yes, I thought I deleted them. Here are some screenshots:

Are you sure it isn’t the same push notification from STHM having been received by both apps?

It could be … it had the Classic icon next to it. But I’ve been told over and over again, STHM will only work and impact things in the new app.

I’m pretty sure you’re right. I made it do it again and the message was exactly the same. I also activated the leak alert and got double notifications with the same text. So now that we know what it is … any way to disable it, w/out turning off all notifications from the Classic app?

I have both ST apps installed and have not seen any push notifications come from classic when being pushed from STHM.

The ONLY time I would see both apps push the same message was from the smart app, simple device viewer.

Now, the one difference that I can see is that I have completely removed everything from SHM, including all of my custom rules, though SHM is still installed in classic. Maybe it has something to do with you still having custom rules left in SHM.