Is it ok to delete the SmartThings classic app now?

I now have the new SmartThings app, is it ok now to delete the SmartThings classic app?

Everything seems fine, only got basic automation anyway, think all works so ok to delete?


If you’re not using and won’t be using any custom DTHs, SHM and have switched all your routines to scenes/automations, then yes it is okay. Otherwise, you’ll need to keep classic for those things (for now).

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Yes, go for it! If everything is working for you in the new app, remove the Classic app. Just remember to remove any custom rules you may have created in Smart Home Monitor in the Classic app and then remove SHM. Then you can remove the Classic app. :slight_smile:

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Is there no SHM now?

In the Classic app, there is Smart Home Monitor and in the new app, there is SmartThings Home Monitor. They are two completely separate items. Any changes made in SHM is not reflected in STHM and vice versa. That is where users get confused because if the alarm goes off, users will receive two separate alerts. Only deleting the Classic app does not remove SHM on it which is still running in the cloud until you remove all the custom rules and SHM.