Cant clear smoke alarm

I’m using the new app & have uninstalled the classic app but i keep getting a text message to.clear my smoke alarm which I did yesterday. I cleared it/dismiss in the new app.

Just removing the classic app doesn’t make the old SHM go away. You have to remove all of the SHM rules too.

Reinstall classic, open SHM, remove all of the SHM rules, remove SHM, then uninstall classic. That should fix your problem. :smiley:

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Don’t forget the tiny detail where they need to dismiss the alert in the Classic app :slight_smile:


Ok guys I just did that. Thanks for your help.

Mark @oldcomputerwiz post as the solution. :slight_smile:


Glad you got it working. This has been a common issue as people are making the jump to the new app.

Hopefully that is something @brad can look into so if it happens again for anyone, the classic app would.not have installed just to clear the alarm.

You tagged the wrong brad. But doubt there is anything that can be done since SHM runs in the cloud.