SHM and Motion Sensor Aggregation?

I am curious if anyone has found a way to reduce the number of false alarms being produced by the ST motion sensors. In particular, I would like SHM to trigger notifications/alarms when multiple motion sensors have been triggered instead of just a single one setting off the whole system.

I’ve migrated here from the Iris platform where it was a simple setting to choose. A few of the solutions I have found here may be outdated with the ‘new’ apps?

Thank you!

Sure, there are several different ways to do it, but first we need to know which version of the smartthings hub you have and which version of the mobile app you are using as the options vary somewhat.

This setup uses the V3 hub on Firmware 25.27 and I have a combination of the iris V2 motion sensors and the ST IMP6001-MPP01 sensors.

I am using a combination of the old App and the new one (Ver: 1.7.29-66)

OK, will do first thing is you will have to choose which version of the app you want to use for SHM.

There is a feature called “smart home monitor” in the classic app and a feature called “smart home monitor” in the new app but they are completely separate and do not synchronize. For example, you can only dismiss notifications from the SHM in the classic app from the classic app. So you need to pick one or the other to work with as far as SHM.

It will be easier to accomplish what you want as far as multiple motion sensors with the classic app, but they have told us that the classic app will be going away eventually (although they haven’t said when. So your choice.

I’ve tried it on both, but would probably prefer to use it on the new App since things are heading in that direction. I do have some experience installing other smart apps and device handlers in the IDE.

Thanks again!

Anyone figure out how to do this? While on a two week trip, I got several alarm alerts from various motion sensors. I suspect it was due to temperature changes. I also am looking for a way to require two motion alerts withing a couple of minutes of each other to trigger an alarm. As mentioned in the OP this was a simple thing to do in Iris. Baring a solution, I will have no choice but to remove my motion sensors from being monitored by SHM.

As mentioned above, there are several ways to do this, but first we need to know which specific model of the hub you have and which version of the app you are using. Also the brand and model number of the motion sensors.

I have a version 3 hub and primarily use the classic app. All of my motion sensors are the latest ST’s sensors. I have been through all of the settings in SHM and SHM Delay and see no possible way to do it.

You are correct that it is not part of the official features. But with the classic app and the V3 hub and those sensors it can be done with webcore. :sunglasses:

See the FAQ (The topic title is a clickable link)

JD, I appreciate the suggestion but I was really looking for an option that maybe I had overlooked. This should be a simple tick box in SHM. It is a common option that some monitoring companies require. I don’t currently use Webcore but would like to hear from others that may have figured out how to do this with Webcore. It seems to me that one might need to replace and recreate the functions of SHM and SHM Delay with Webcore just to enable a simple option that should be available to us to begin with. Looking forward to the responses.

There are a lot of things that “should be“ in SHM if it were going to serve as a true security system that aren’t there. That’s been true from the beginning. :disappointed_relieved: Delays, zones, an officially supported keypad, notifications that don’t require the cloud, just the ability to change the security.mode locally…

Samsung’s initial response was to enter into the partnership with ADT for the ADT model hub, which was designed for security and did have most of those features. However, it looks like that’s being discontinued since ADT acquired a competitor for DIY installs.

So I’m not sure what Samsung plans to do in the future. They don’t seem to be moving toward something that could be UL listed as a security system, though. (Just as one example, the V2 hub had a battery backup, the V3 have does not. 12 hour Battery backups are required for UL listing for security systems.)

Security is a very popular use case for home automation, so maybe Samsung will add more features in the future, but so far there hasn’t been any indication of that. We will just have to wait and see.