Shield TV Integration/control at all?

Hi everyone, I just got the Shield TV from Nvidia now that Android TV with Plex supports Live TV. Loving it so far, but curious if there’s any apps that work with Smartthings, or even Hue. Not necessarily voice control, even just like a way to view certain devices and control them with the remote? The Smartthings app said it’s not compatible with this device (I think I can sideload things) but wondering what the most common way is, if any? Thanks!

If it has a “good browser” (you can perhaps side-load a browser like Chrome??), then there is a chance ActionTiles is compatible, right?

We haven’t tested “non-touch” or “couch-driven” browsers yet … waiting for the market segment to ask for it.

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I am.hoping that Andoid TV O will bring chrome. Other than that, I heard you can side load it. I haven’t tried. I bought mine for the Nest app. That’s pretty much what I want visual anyway. Works great with Harmony to flip to my cams with one button or one voice comand…

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How are you liking the Nest app on Shield? I am wanting something to see my cams on TV, so it’s either Shield or Apple tv. (Also, can you see if there is an Arlo app for Android TV?).

No Arlo app. Nest app is grwat and responsive. I like Shield better than Fire because directional commands on Harmony work super well.

I finally have reliable Netflix activity, Nest activity…Not one miss…

Performance wise, seems faster than Fire, but I hit once or twice some hiccups. Nothing too annoying, though…

Hope the Google Assistant notification on TV will turn out as good as they said it will. Time will tell. No Assistant update yet…

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Thanks. I sideloaded the Nest app onto a firestick but nothing loads after I log in. Apple tv has Nest and Arlo apps, and I use both cams still, but I don’t feel like going the Apple route.

Although I am more Android, I had purchased the Apple TV strictly for the Nest App as well. Bobby and I compared these side by side and from the camera rendering, they are identical and functionality as well. Looks like a custom CCTV monitor displaying for cameras on one screen. As for integration with Harmony, that’s next on my list, so I’m not sure if it will have any shortcomings.

I enjoy Apple TV much more than I thought I ever would, however, the Arlo app has a major problem. The screensaver will kick on when you’re watching a feed and not touching the remote. I’m sure that’s just bad app design, but it works when you’re actually there watching and interacting with it.

I’ve been planning on switching to Shield TV however due to how awesome Google Assistant looks with the Photo’s integration as well as being able to run a Plex Server off it… However I’m half tempted to just setup a mac VM to link SmartThings and HomeKit and just get a HomePod later this year…

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