Google TV integration

Hey All,

I’ve been looking into Google TV integration with SmartThings and was curious how possible it was, on the surface it appears simple thanks to being fairly open. I think it could be the entertainment center control answer for some because boxes like Sony’s have ir blasters built in the can control the TV, PVR, blu-ray, etc. There are two open source projects I’ve been snooping around tonight that may have some relevant info.

Anymote for Java


Does this seem possible and worthwhile to anyone else? I’d really enjoy the TV turning on and switching to specific channels when specific people arrived home.

You can easily complete the circle of control via tasker installed on the Google TV itself. Dimming lights when Netflix is launched and those sorts of things.

I’m going to continue digging on this and will update with any more info found. Any help tips/hints would be greatly appreciated.

This is what I made / am using. Plan on integrating with ST to some degree soon:

What are you using to create that application? I really want a solid integration with Google TV so I can do the same types of things the Sonos actions do.