SmartThings app on Android TV (specifically Nvidia Shield TV)

So, hadn’t seen this app tested anywhere on the Nvidia Shield TV. The Google Play store says that it’s not compatible but we all know to take that with a pinch of salt…

So I sideloaded the app and, well:

Works great. I don’t need no 2015/16 Samsung SmartTV! Everything works instantly. It won’t show up on the normal home screen for the Shield but you can ‘open’ the app from the ‘Apps’ menu in the settings area, not sure how much work it would take for the SmartThings team to brush up the app so it’s officially/properly supported on Android TV?


Don’t get your hopes up, we haven’t got a landscape or tablet mode on mobile yet!

Probably best to sideload Chrome and use SmartTiles!


I would love to see ST support Android Auto (and Apple carPlay I guess).

Would be sweet to have a touch interface to open garage door, turn on lights, right from the dash.


Either that or @joshua_lyon’s SharpTools! But not show how well it works on Android TV.

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Have you tried it on your Shield? SharpTools has a dedicated Android TV UI. It also works on the Amazon Fire TV.


I like my voice control from the car via Alexa Listens, too bad doesn’t work while connected via Bluetooth…

I should have tried this first! :open_mouth:

I’m going to install it now!

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Some gifs for reference:

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I present to you, SharpTools on an Nvidia Shield TV!

Extremely quick interface! Let me know if you want me to do anything @joshua_lyon


Is there anyway to invoke on Android TV via smart tools and Tasker to launch an android TV app?

It depends on your Android TV device. If it’s on an official Android TV release, only the TV interface is available in SharpTools which doesn’t have the screen to unlock the Tasker plugin. If you’re using one of the many Android boxes that run a standard version of Android, the full interface should be available and you can use Tasker and SharpTools just like normal.

That being said, if you have an official Android TV release and you’ve gone as far as side loading Tasker, you could backup your data from SharpTools on a mobile device (where the IAP is unlocked) and restore it on your Android TV box.

I am running the official ATV. Thank you for the information, I thought as much.

But I was able to get this to work with Harmony and a PC.

Is smarttools still the best option for Android TV?

This thread is 5 years old, if you have an Andoid TV search for Smartthings on the TV no idea if there is an ST app that works for that Os

You can try an app called home remote but again you will have to look on your Tv