Setting up smartthings with STapp won't work

I have recently purchased a ST v2 for eu. Before installing I purchased some things to connect. I have fibaro sensors, zwave lamps and a coolcam socket. Just a start to play around with before making my new house fully smart. Now comes the issue:
To setup the ST hub, I started the smartthings app choose new smartthings user and it brings me to a samsung site. This site claims it only works with some explorers, like chrome. But I used chrome. Then it suggests me to install the samsung explorer, so I do. Same message, please see printscreens. It seems I cannot start my smartthings with my Android phone :frowning:
I can try my iPhone as well, but want it running on my Android. Anybody an idea how to solve / bypass this issue?

Your best bet is to contact support. What phone and os version?

Android 6 something and Huawei phone. But I think its related to the link