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Accessing ST App on a Chromebook

(Rich Heimlich) #1

I have ST running on my Samsung phone just fine, but I’d also like to be able to access all my settings and such from my new Chromebook. However, all attempts to get it working have failed so far.

When I install the app and launch it on the Chromebook (Android app) it asks if I’m new or if I’m a Smartthings User. I tell it I have the latter. It then asks for my e-mail and password, which I supply.

After logging in it wants to verify the country. No problem.

Then it gives me this big HELLO screen and asks for one thing, “Enter Code here”. What code??? The help all talks about activating my account or the hub and I don’t want to do either. The Welcome code doesn’t work. It says it’s invalid.

I just want to have multiple instances connected to the app. Is this really not possible?

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks (and hoping everyone is having a great holiday)

(Robin) #2

This is actually the same as I recently had when trying to log into the app on iOS… I was initially getting the useless welcome page / code request, then I did something and it started demanding a Samsung Account…


When it rains, it pours :grinning:

(Rich Heimlich) #4

GRR. Spoke to support today and they insisted that the ST app will not work via Android on a Chromebook. That seems extremely ridiculous.

(Brad) #6

It may work but it isn’t something we officially support. Similar to sideloading the ST app on a kindle Fire.

But, it seems like this is just a case of needing to tap “I’m a new user” and putting in your email address. When you tap “SmartThings User”, it assumes you are trying to sign in with a SmartThings account but your hub is on your Samsung account. In cases where both a SmartThings and Samsung account exist within SmartThings, the app will default to the SmartThings account which is why you are being prompted for a welcome code.


It worked for me before my ST account was migrated to a Samsung account. If it isn’t supported on chromebooks the mobile team should flag that in the play store so that it cannot be downloaded on a chromebook.

(Kris Vollrath) #8

How is it possible that a product now owned by Samsung doesn’t work at all on their flagship Chromebook Pro??? This isn’t rocket science, it’s just an app that’s already developed. This is so typical of this company… it’s too big and the one hand doesn’t know what the other is doing!

(Jeff H) #9

Works great for me on my Acer Chromebook.Full screen just like I wished it worked on a PC.

I had to install the Google Play Store app to inside the Android simulator in Chromebook from the Play store that comes in Chrome OS. Then install Smartthings from that new Google Play Store app inside of the simulator.


I have a Samsung Chromebook, and it keeps asking me to install a Samsung Browser app, which i can’t install.

(Jeff H) #11

Install Firefox from the Google Play store that should work.

(John Spilker) #12

Thanks Jeff_H. I was just able to install on my Acer Chromebook after installing Firefox. Your suggestion was much appreicated.

(Jeff H) #13

That’s great.
The Classic app still works well on my chromebook. I also had the new Smartthings app installed but after the last update to the new app, it stopped working. It just freezes when you try to open it.
But that’s OK as long as the Classic works.

(Kent G Johnson) #14

ST worked fine on my Acer Chromebook for the last 3 or 4 years, Last week Chrome went through a major update, and now SmartThings does not work. I can not log into my hub. I have tried everything, and Samsung help desk says they do not support Chrome Books. They only support Phones. Lucky that I have a phone with SmartThings installed. Any help with logging in on my Chromebook would be appreciated. Thanks, and Good Luck

(Kent G Johnson) #15

I have been working with the new SmartThings App for the last 2 weeks or so, and am tired of trying to make it work right for me. The scenes don’t change the mode, and the modes don’t work with the scenes very well. It seems like there are a lot of unfinished work on this project. I hope they maintain the Classic interface until they get the new program working. I have quit working with the new system entirely, and have reverted back to the original app.