Setting up on Two Mobile Devices

(Justin Graber) #1

I getting ready to purchase, but i didnt find how the set up with two phones (mine and my Wifes). Does that app install on both phones and the both phones get the notifications or?
Do we both need to create new accounts?


Once you set up your account, hub, etc, etc, you then can add your wife to your account via the app via My Account --> Manage Users. She’ll get an email to Sign Up, and when she does she’ll get directed to your hub instead of the normal Welcome page.

As for notifications, add her to your Contact Book in the app. That will allow you to select her when setting up notications in SmartApps that use the Contact Book.

(Justin Graber) #3

Awesome, thanks alot

(Greg) #4

Just a warning that not all users have contact book. It was yanked. Whoever got it was allowed to keep it. But currently new users don’t get it. I understand eventually everyone will get it.

In the mean time use text notifications.