Push Notification Issue

My wife and I both have Android phones. I have several things in ST that trigger a push notification. My phone gets them pretty much immediately and everytime with no problems. My wifes phone seems to get the sporatically and sometimes 15 to 30 minutes after the event.

I have looked at every setting on her phone I can think of. Have checked Do Not Disturb settings, Battery Optimazation settings, sound settings, etc. Can’t find anything different from mine. The only difference in phones is hers is running 7.1 Android and mine is still on 7.0.

Any thoughts from anyone?

Silly but did you check the priority setting on her ST app notifications?

Yep. Checked every setting possible.

Are both phones signed in with the same account?

No. In order to have both phone presence it is necessary to have a separate account and then give her access as a user on the main account. The notifications work, they are just erratic. Whereas on my phone they are pretty reliable.

I’m having the same issues right now with a fresh hub set up.