Setting Temperature Z-Wave Thermostat / Zigbee Thermostat Beta Edge Driver

With the current Beta Edge drivers, the maximum temperature that can be set is limited to 28 degrees, although the thermostats can be manually set to higher temperatures. Could you therefore increase the max. temperature setting, for example to 39 degrees? If thermostats are installed behind panels and are controlled by an external temperature sensor, this current max temperature is too low. Thank you…

Hello, @SFalk.
Can you provide more details about your device and the driver it is using, please?

  • For the device, brand, model. If possible, its fingerprints
  • For the driver it uses, when you enter the device’s details, there’s an option called “Driver” in the menu (three-dot symbol in the upper-right corner) where you can see which driver is handling the device.

When using the old Groovy DTH, did you have a higher range of temperature to set?

Hi, I’m happy to try to provide you with the information you need. The Edge Drivers are the current original Edge Beta Drivers from Smartthings, see attachment. The Zigbee thermostat is the Popp Zigbee thermostat. Here you can set the temperature manually on the device up to a maximum of 35 degrees. Z-Wave thermostats are used in various ways. The Danfoss LC13 can also only be adjusted manually up to 28 degrees. For the Eurotronic Spirit TRV you can set a maximum of 39 degrees manually on the device, unfortunately you cannot currently use this with the original Z-Wave Thermostat Edge driver from Smartthings, fingerprint for this in the screenshot. I would be happy if you could do something with the information. If you have any questions just let us know. Thank you and greetings. Sebastian

Sorry for the delay, @SFalk.

I’ll be ordering the devices with the corresponding information I found:

  1. Popp - Zigbee thermostat
  2. Danfoss LC13 - Z-Wave Thermostat
  3. Eurotronic Spirit TRV
    • About this one, if it doesn’t appear in the official driver, it means it wasn’t WWST certified by the manufacturer.
      • So, I’ll be able to connect to it thanks to the generic fingerprint but it has also [4,28] by default, and that one cannot be changed because this fingerprint is made to support a variety of devices and the common range must be applied.

Your location is currently using the Celsius temp scale, right?

Hello @nayelyz,

I have same problem with Eurotronic Spirit Z-wave TRV, it is detected as dimmer switch…? Anything to do with this problem, how can I have my trv’s working again?

Hi nayelyz,

thank you for your quick response.

So you update the current Edge drivers for Zigbee and Z-Wave so that the higher temperatures can then be set? and yes, here the temperatures are set in Celsius. The eurotronic spirit trv thermostats were previously used with this DTH driver.

the switch to local execution with the Edge drivers has worked great so far, good job.


I’ll create a report for the engineering team to check, they are creating the Edge drivers based on the original DTHs and the range definition is recent (10 days ago) they could have overlooked the configuration for those devices.

Yes, this is a custom DTH, it can be identified by the owner of the repository which is “dougalAgain”. In this case:

  1. There are some Community developers that have created drivers for some devices that aren’t officially supported by SmartThings here:
    Devices & Integrations - SmartThings Community
    You could check which could support the device and ask kindly to the developer if he can add your device’s fingerprints.
  2. Another option is to download the driver from SmartThings and add your device’s fingerprints and upload it to your Hub.

Hi, @Timppa71!

Is this a Driver or a DTH? This is strange, maybe a generic fingerprint included there is picking it up.
It can be identified what controls the device if you enter its details > go to the menu (three-dot symbol in the upper-right corner) and see if there’s an option called “Driver”. If not, it is using a DTH.

You can try the following as well:

Hi @nayelyz,

It is using Edge driver because there is “driver” option. Device info is like post #3 by SFalk.

How to download Edge driver and upload it to SmartThings, as option #2?

Hi nayelyz, only with one of the last updates of the Zigbee/z-wave Thermostat Edge driver was the maximum adjustable temperature changed to 28 degrees, previously it was 39 degrees. thank you for your support.

You need to:

  1. Go to the official GitHub repository here: GitHub - SmartThingsCommunity/SmartThingsEdgeDrivers
  2. Select the option “Code” and click on download ZIP.

Note: Downloading it as a ZIP file to edit and update is for simplicity. You can use Git to download and stay up-to-date but it requires installing the program and using the console.

  1. Unzip the directory and enter your_path\SmartThingsEdgeDrivers\drivers\SmartThings you’ll see something like this:
  2. I suggest you use a code editor like Visual Studio Code because you won’t modify only one file to add support to your device.
    In this part it depends on which driver you’re modifying but consider the following info:
  1. Use the CLI to upload and install your driver, these are the commands:
    a. Package the driver: smartthings edge:drivers:package [path_to_dir]
    b. Assign the driver to a channel: smartthings edge:channels:assign
    c. Install the driver: smartthings edge:drivers:install

Note: The “path_to_dir” value is the path to find the driver’s folder from where you’re currently at using the console. For example, my CLI file is installed on C:\st and the driver is in another folder:

At the bottom of this post, I shared some important information about modifying other’s drivers:

Hi nayelyz,

Thank you well described instructions! This will help a lot.

Hey! Love the the new edge drivers.
Can you add the swedish NEXA ZRT-106 (Everspring AC301). I have the basic functions but it would be better to have more functions. :blush:

Manual with z-wave function

@SFalk @Timppa71

You can find it in this thread! Just tried it and works brilliantly including the battery report.

Here is the link for the driver.

HeatIt Z-TRM2fx Z-wave thermostat do not any more in smartthings support temperature set or display

Samsung account shows

Device Label
HeatIt Z-TRM2fx


Energy meter
Power meter
(no temp)

Driver: Z-Wave Z- Wave Electric meter (other options are Z-Wave sensor, Z-Wave switch, tried to change driver to Z-Wave sensor but get error "Error changing device driver to “Z-Wave Sensor”. Ensure that the driver you are trying to change to has a valid fingerprint match with this device. "

I think that this failure of the Z-wave thermostat is therefore related to this SmartThings platform change in spring 2023

Case closed.

required new (EDGE) driver installation