Including MultiChannel device always uses DTH not Edge Driver (Heatit)

I have a problem including with my Edge Driver.
SmartThings always selects the groovy included Z-Wave Device MultiChannel
I have a MultiChannel Thermostat (HeatIt Z-TRM3) that I need to write an Edge Driver for.
I have created a simpel Edge driver for an 8 button device (HeatIt Z-push 8)
that works. So I have some control of and guess I will be able to write a
driver for the thermostat also.
My problem is that all my tests of including the device ends with the old
Z-Wave Driver MultiChannel.
Any idea what I can try?
I have a separate test hub for this, so if it is possible to remove old standard device handlers,
that would be fine.

You should be successful if you have:

  • Your device-specific fingerprint in the driver
  • The driver installed on your hub
  • The device-specific fingerprint commented out of any custom DTH in your account

One hang up I’ve seen with z-wave devices when all of the above conditions are met is if the device fails to join properly and show up with a fingerprint of 0000-0000-0000. If that’s happening, try including with the device closer to the hub.

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Thanks for the quick answer

I have the fingerprint as the only fingerprint in fingerprints.yml and init.lua in the subdirectory for this device
The driver is installed. Actually it has been installed multiple times in different versions.
I have deleted all custom DTHs and SmartApps.
Fingerprint is correctly registered in the included device.

Since this is a Hub I use for testing, all the other devices use Edge Drivers.
Some SmartThings Beta, some community generated and one self developed.
I am trying to develop my second Edge Driver for a Multi Channel Thermostat and that is what gives me the problem…

How little code can I actually have in the driver to try to make SmartThings still use it for my device?

You can get by with very little in your driver, especially if you register for defaults. A good place to start is taking one of the ST drivers and just adding your fingerprint to it, then removing what you don’t need. I have yet to have issues though when I’ve met those three bullets above. Could you post what your fingerprint file looks like?

Thank you very much!
You made my day!

I copied from a sample driver where the fingerprint had
ProductId: before ProductType. So I entered the wrong values.

You will not believe how many hours and inclusion tests I have spent.


Any progress with the driver?

The driver for HeatIt Z-TRM3 is more or less finished.
I have delivered a copy to the company producing the thermostat for test.

The plan is to try to get it accepted by Samsung as a standard driver.
I am currently working on the other HeatIt thermostats.


Can you share the driver so I can test?

@ivarsand please let us know how the test goes. I have 3 Z-TRM3 thermostats at home and now smarthings no longer supports groovy, looking for a new DTH for these thermostats. Thanks. I can also test it if you are willing to share the code!

I was stupid enough removing RBoys DTH, and hoping my HeatIt is going to reconnect as the Edge Zwave thermostat.
And now when it’s chill outside my warm floor controller is offline.

So I will be happy to become a tester of the new Edge driver

Same problem here. Unfortunately no connected thermostat anymore so I would be more than happy to help out testing.

Hi Ivar, I also use various Heatit Ztrm Thermostats and cannot use them with the Standard Z Wave Thermostat Edge Drivers. So I would also like to test your Driver.

I look forward to seeing the new driver. I have several z.trm2, z-trm3, z-temp2 at 2 locations and also insisted to the electrician that they install z-trm3 at our new place (ready next spring) so hope I can continue to use those with ST. It has been working well with Home Assistant and I would like to keep it that way.

I have to say that at our cottage I removed one of the z-trm3 from ST and added it to tellstick just so that I had some reliability of remote control in an unknown situation. It would be nice to be able to put it back when there are reliable edge drivers as ST climate devices work much better than tellstick in connection with Home Assistant.

I would also like to test this driver. I have the first z-trm (also one with the beta firmware).
I’m also interested if there will be support for the regulator option.

same here. waiting.

Version 1.0 of driver for Heait Z-trm3, Z-tmr2fx and Z-wave thermostats is released


Work well with the z-trm (1) version that I have.
I mainly use it as a regulator. I can change it in the settings, but it would be nice to change it in the main view.

Also - is it necessary to have the cooling option?

I also have updated one of my z-trm (1) thermostats to the beta firmware.
I tried to include include this again, but it did not pick up your driver.
I guess you havn´t included its details.
Maybe you could add it? I think it is very similar to the z-trm2 with multichannel.
Manufacturer-Specific Report: Manufacturer ID: 019B, Manufacturer Name: null, Product Type ID: 0003, Product ID: 0201

Hi Ivar, good News an the Edge Driver works fine with Heatit Z-TRM2 & Z-TRM3 since one day. Great thanks for rhe Developer…

The problem I am having with this at the moment is that every time I join the z-Wave network with my device, it is installed with a groovy DTH, presumably one that smartthings found matches the device’s fingerprint. I am deleting them as I go, but I have obviously “had fun” some time ago installing and trying out many alternative DTH’s.

Is it possible to just switch directly to the new driver once it is installed in the HUB?

No. You cannot switch from dth to Edge Driver. You have to delete the DTH first.
I do not understand why the Edge Driver is not the prefered one. But that is a SmartThings decision.