Set up SmartThings hub on a university network

We’re trying to set up the SmartThings hub on a university network. A static IP address was assigned to the hub’s MAC address from the school IT department, but we’re still seeing a steady/flashing blue light when we plug it into the ethernet port. Has anyone been able to successfully plug in their SmartThings hub on an institution’s network (i.e. university, company)? Thanks!

Getting things running on a university network is normally harder than a home network due to the additional restrictions.

One thing that comes to mind is the ability of the hub to communicate with the SmartThings cloud. Although you set up a static IP, there are some ports that ST uses which may be blocked by the network.

You can find out a bit more here:

And a quick search found this

Saying “a university” or “an institution” is so vague as to be of no help to any of us to figure it out. I work for IT at a major university and I can guarantee if you and I aren’t at the SAME university, there’s no way I can help you figure out what’s going on. My university owns an entire Class A internet domain, so wired connections (like an ST hub) get externally routable non-NAT IP addresses!

Our method of statically assigning addresses, and our methods (multiple) of getting devices on our networks (multiple!) are guaranteed to differ from yours.

Talk to your IT people at your institution.

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