Connecting Hub to shared university wifi network (no ethernet ports)

Currently a university student. Our school provides wifi for all students across campus, but does not provide ethernet ports in student housing. The wifi requires WPA2 enterprise credentials (aka student id…) in order to access. After purchasing a Canary All in One wireless security camera, I reached out to IT support to register the device under my student account. It turns out that the network does not support “some” smart/IP devices. The IT staff did not specify nor further explain which devices are or are not compatible.

With that said, do you think a Smartthings hub would work? If so, should I get a wireless access point? Hotspot?

What country are you in? I’d be surprised if any US university IT department were OK with you putting an IoT device like a ST hub on their network.

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As others have said, it is unlikely that the SmartThings hub will be allowed on your university network. And you really wouldn’t want it there anyway, as it would become vulnerable to hacking by others.

If you really want it, you would need to set up your own separate Internet account, probably with a hotspot. Most college students aren’t interested in spending the extra money for that.

I do have some friends who require various home automation devices for accessibility reasons. They either pay for their own Internet account or in one case the university was willing to make an accommodation, but I don’t know all the details.

But for people who don’t have an FHA/ADA requirement, you’ll probably have to wait until you’re in off-campus housing and are paying for your own Internet.

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Oh, and I almost forgot: super LAN connect! :disappointed_relieved:

This is a new feature introduced into the SmartThings platform about a month ago and causes it to do autodiscovery on every device connected to the same network. It was a disaster at my house because we have three housemates each with their own devices, not all of which were intended to come into the SmartThings account. But in any case SmartThings would generate a lot of traffic, a lot of noise, and some really weird results if it were on a university dorm network.

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I have a similar situation. At our vacation home we will be using the neighbor’s WiFi. His router will probably be only ten feet away, but we will not have Ethernet access, only WiFi. I am wondering if I can use the Samsung Connect Home Pro AC2600 Smart Wi-Fi System as my ST hub to avoid needing an Ethernet connection. Does anyone know? Would this require the ST hub to be used as a bridge, or can I just set up as a user of the WiFi, like I would my phone? Has anyone done this?

The alternative, as discussed above, would be to buy a WiFi bridge to plug the ethernet into. Seems like more of a configuration headache, though. Any advice?