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I was reading about the ST setup process and saw that I need to open some ports with port forwarding on my router. I’ll have to do this manually as I don’t have UPnP enabled on my router setup any more. I’ve searched the FAQ’s, the KnowledgeBase, the forums but I don’t see any info or tutorial of what needs to be set for the port forwarding. Have I missed it somewhere? Will I get any use out of my hub until I figure out the port forwarding needed? Could anyone possibly post the ports that need to be opened and some basic info on which ip address I’ll be forwarding to, even if it’s just a screenshot of your own setup with the ports that are required? (I’m guessing the ST hub, but I don’t want to make an idiotic assumption.) ST will be set in my router with an internal static ip address bound by MAC address. Feeling pretty stupid at the moment. sigh

Thanks so much!

From a quick look around this post suggests the ports that need forwarding:

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I’ll try that setup forwarding to the hub! I feel like a total dope that I missed that post. Did multiple searches with different expressions and everything. Thank you so much for taking the time to post that and for not flaming me for missing it. Such a great community.

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For what it’s worth, I’ve never needed to expose anything on my hub to the internet. Unless you’re having problems, and unless support asks you to, I’d recommend against doing this.


OK, that makes sense. I have the info to use to forward the ports now so I can try without first and always check with support no ensure it’s the best option at that time. Great idea. Thank you so much for sharing!

yes I have an extensive firewall and have not had to open any ports… I believe it communicates over port 80 or something which is normally open or you could not surf the web

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Also here :smile:

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Yes! Exactly. That’s the one I had read initially. I can manage port forwarding but I’m still a bit of a newbie with it and wasn’t sure if I forwarded it to the ST hub ip address. That’s why was looking for additional information. I know it seems obvious that it would forward there but my router has in and out ports which is sometimes more confusing for me. I kept trying to visualize where the information would be transferred to and just couldn’t get my head around it. So I decided to post the question rather than screw it up. Thanks so much!

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Outbound traffic for probably 99% of home routers is by default allowed and port forwarding is only needed for inbound connections. ST doesn’t initiate connections to your hub, your hub initiates connections to the ST cloud and the cloud talks back on this existing connection.

Port forwarding isn’t needed and should be removed from the help documents…

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right I was just going to say normally outbound works (is wide open) for most firewalls
and allows inbound for established connections with rules like the following
so normally no port forwarding needed…


/put “input established connections”

add chain=input connection-state=established action=accept comment=“accept established connection packets” disabled=no
add chain=input connection-state=related action=accept comment=“accept related connection packets” disabled=no
add chain=input connection-state=invalid action=drop comment=“drop invalid packets” disabled=no