Set up presence for iphone

Hello. I recently switched from an Android to an iphone. Presence worked for Android. On the iphone, when I go to settings in the Smartthings app, and select the arrow beside “Get your location from this phone”, I can’t toggle the Home button to on. On the iphone settings, for the Smartthings app, I have location on. What is wrong?

is it set to Always for the ST app in location services?

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Yes it is.

very odd. first thought is to suggest uninstalling the ST app, reboot the iphone and reinstall the app and try enabling get location from this iphone again.

did you remove the presence sensor for the old android phone? that should not have an impact on the iphone.

To the dark side gone you have hmm…

Regarding removing presence sensor from old phone… I have researched several things and I’m just not clear if I did it right or at all completely… is there a good step by step and from what devices to do this and where to go to do it? Sorry this has been quite complicated

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Ps… I’m not really finding how to add the new iPhone as a presence sensor

in the ST app, go to menu > settings

login to IDE at go to the Devices section… not sure how they are listed these days… could be under your name + Android or could be under Android as device name with your partial name as the zigbee ID.

if you locate it, you can delete it there.

Thank you!.. the button all of the sudden decided to work and I hadn’t changed anything yet on a new phone… weird