Can't enable location in ST app on iPhone

I can’t enable location in the ST app on my wife’s iphone to use it as a presence sensor. It had been working fine but I suspect the new app broke it. I’ve tried reinstalling the app as well as deleting her device from the IDE but nothing has worked and now I can’t add her phone back as a presence sensor. When I toggle on the option to get location from her phone, it immediately toggles back off. I have set the SmartThings app setting to “always” for location. Any ideas?
Additionally, for some reason, my phone also shows up on her list of option to use as a location sensor.

Have you rebooted the iPhone at any point? :slight_smile:

Yes, tried restarting.

and she is logging in with her account?

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Yes, she is using her account. I would delete and reinstall the app. Then when I opened the app and click on sign-in, it would automatically log her in, which was weird. None the less, I manually signed her out and back in.
Screenshot shows what I see on her screen. IDK why there are two homes and me listed as owner of one. On my screen I have just one option, “Home” and me as the owner. As soon as I toggle either of the two buttons on, they toggle back off.

on her phone, go to the Devices section, click on the Home icon in the upper left of the screen, select Manage locations and check if there is one location or multiple

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That was it! She had two locations. I deleted one and now am able to enable location on her phone. Thanks for your help, jkp!