Set to Armed (Away) when Kwikset Locked

As JD pointed out SHM and Modes are different. SHM is a security / monitoring app which has Armed, Stay and Away statuses.
Mode is typically associated with the hub and is a user defined state which can then be used to trigger other actions.

If you have access to RBoy Apps, check out the LUM (Lock User Management) SmartApp which allows you to create custom actions when locks are locked/unlocked, it has separate actions for keypad lock/unlocks and manual lock/unlocks, which can be used to arm/disarm SHM, change the hub Mode, run Routines and lots more.

So you can set it to, set SHM to Stay when locked Manually and run Routine to change the Mode to “Night”. However when locked using the lock keypad it will set SHM to "Away and run a Routine to set the Mode to “Away”.

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