Set to Armed (Away) when Kwikset Locked

I would like to be able to arm and disarm the SHM when I lock and unlock my Kwikset lock. I created an automation but it doesn’t seem to work. I usually lock the Kwikset manually by pressing the lock button.
The automation goes like this:
Kwikset Door Lock, Locked then Location Mode Away.

I’m new to SmartThings, I was able to do this in Iris.
Can any one help?

Location mode and the smart home monitor armed status mode are two different things. The one for smart home manager is called the “security mode.” They both have a value called “away“ but they are used differently in the system.

The Following FAQ explains more (the topic title is a clickable link)

Having said that, it’s definitely possible to change the security mode in the Classic app. You can change it based on any event that smartthings can recognize.

However, the new app, “smartthings ( Samsung connect)“ only lets you set a change to the security mode based on time of day. Otherwise you have to manually toggle it in the app. :disappointed_relieved:

They have been different reports as to whether they are going to add more functionality on this or not, but for right now, that’s the only choice available.

You can download and use the classic app as well as the new app, and that’s what most people do if they want to trigger a change in security mode based on something other than time of day.

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As JD pointed out SHM and Modes are different. SHM is a security / monitoring app which has Armed, Stay and Away statuses.
Mode is typically associated with the hub and is a user defined state which can then be used to trigger other actions.

If you have access to RBoy Apps, check out the LUM (Lock User Management) SmartApp which allows you to create custom actions when locks are locked/unlocked, it has separate actions for keypad lock/unlocks and manual lock/unlocks, which can be used to arm/disarm SHM, change the hub Mode, run Routines and lots more.

So you can set it to, set SHM to Stay when locked Manually and run Routine to change the Mode to “Night”. However when locked using the lock keypad it will set SHM to "Away and run a Routine to set the Mode to “Away”.

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