How to set away armed mode automatically?

Using the new Smartthings app… how can I set away armed mode automatically when I leave the house? I don’t want to manually set the mode every day when I leave for work.

you can’t in the new app.

Wow. Just wow. That’s a giant step backwards. ST isn’t going to allow us to use our phones as presence sensors in the new app???

So are they going to force us into buying the $100 smartthings tracker??? That’s their plan?

It’s $50 per year per device if I’m reading correctly.

You can use your phone as a presence sensor. You just can’t use it to disarm SHM. Time will tell if that changes or not. I’d suggest you email support and request it so they see the demand.

Not even the Tracker can disarm SHM. And yes, the Tracker is $50/year for data after the first year.

Ok. I jumped the gun a little. I’m a little anti ST right now with the botched firmware update and ST’s radio silence. Still using Hubitat— I mean the classic app ‘til the bitter end

life360 + webcore will do it

or a smart lock + webcore

webcore can not control SHM in the new app, only SHM in the Classic app. SHM is a separate app in both the Classic and STSC apps. If you make changes in one is not reflected in the other.

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The classic app has a bug where you cannot clear motion detector notifications. So that’s not really an option.

interesting. iOS or Android?

The android version.

Is there a way to make a Alexa routine… like ‘leaving home’ where it can arm smart things? And vice versa when I get home?

SHM in the new app can not be armed or disarmed by anything other than specific time or manually

You could also look at the ADT Smartthings Panel with the ADT Tools Smartapp.

The new app and API’s seem to be written in a way to limit interaction between services. From what I see the new app doesn’t show anything in Smartthings it’s status.

When you say “Away armed mode” is that just setting the mode of the hub to away? If so, it can be done by using IFTTT, Life 360 and a virtual switch (all free services). The way i did it was to create a virtual switch in ST (IFTTT can then view this switch). Link Life360 to IFTTT (assuming you already have IFTTT linked with ST). Setup Life 360 in IFTTT to change the virtual switch when leaving your home, then setup an automation in ST to trigger Away / Home mode whenever the virtual switch changes state. Then all you need to do is just make sure the virtual switch never gets changed manually.

Works perfectly for me everytime i leave home, and then arrive.


That only works if you use the SHM that installs in the Smartthings classic app. The SHM that installs from the new app doesn’t use that value.

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It works in the new one. I dont use the classic app

@Bruskey27 Smart home monitor mode and hub mode are different things. The real problem is that SHM in the new app doesn’t expose anything in smartthings since it is using the new api’s. So for now no one knowd how to send it directions to change mode.

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For now looks like you’ll just get a reminder to manually change SHM modes in the new app.