IDE (and SmartTiles) Down?

Not working for me. Just hangs trying to load.


Yes it is, down for me also. App and IDE aren’t accessible.

Only the following:

Na01 is working.

Yes. NA02 appears to be down.

  • Nate

new smartthings user here and it just had to go offline when i’m adding door sensors to my house… bah

app, IDE, and smart tiles all down here

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Oh fun. A friend of mine received a ST hub for Christmas. My response was laughter. He’ll figure out why soon.


:joy: welcome to SmartThings. When the going gets Good its pretty sweet, otherwise… well… you know.

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It took me a few mins to realize ST was down. I was asking Google Home to turn on my light… a few times before I finally realized ST might be down.

Works for me (CA).

It just came back online.

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ST App and SmartTiles are working for me (NJ)

Just saw an email from ST highlighting this issue, so they are aware of it and may have already addressed it.

indeed all is fine now, was able to add the rest of my sensors

now to learn more about smartthings…