Separate Husband/wife alerts?

I just ordered my ST equipment tonight, but wanted to ask a question right away. Sorry for my ignorance!

Can I create alerts that are different for my wife an I? For instance, I don’t want to receive an alert if the back door is opened, AND my wife is home. But I DO want to receive one if she is NOT home. (vice versa for her).


You could probably set it so there would not be an alert if your wife is home. However there is no way currently to separate who gets what push notifications. I’m hoping one day they’ll set it up so I can have it send me a push notification but not my wife. The current work around is to use the SMS notification function.

Try pushbullet device type if you are okay with it. Just register your iPhone and push messages to there.

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As was previously stated, you could use pushbullet to send to a specific device. Here are the posts related to that:

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I understand the point and maybe I’m just pointing out something stupid, however in your example, isn’t it basically just: Push alert to everyone unless someone is home?

If you aren’t home and your wife is not home is the same as your wife is not home and you aren’t home which is basically what your example is.

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@baldeagle072’s pushbullet is definitely what you want. I has this exact same issue, and I believe @baldeagle072 did as well…that’s why he made it :smile:

I have to explore the pushbullet notification. I’m tired of waiting for ST to fix the Google Voice issue. My regular text messages are metered so I can’t use it for receiving ST notifications.

I don’t believe it is that hard to setup. I’ve spelled out the steps to setting it up fairly specifically.

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I just got done setting it up, this might be the fix to my GV problem! Thank you!

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Thanks everyone! I will check out the pushbullet thing at some point. I’m going to take this in easy baby steps. First thing: set up a couple sensors in the yard to detect the deer that are eating up our garden. I’m thinking of having them trigger an outlet, in which I will plug in a fan, and I will do “something” to cause the fan to make a scary noise (for the deer). Still thinking about this idea. Suggestions are welcome! (lights do not seem to scare deer at all).

Next: a garage door sensor to tell us if the garage door is open when we are not home.
Then: an indoor sensor to monitor motion in the house. This will take some careful thought, I assume, to prevent unwanted and annoying alerts.

A lot of the standard wireless motion detectors are designed for indoor use, so they may not be weather-hardened, and are too sensitive. Even indoors, sunlight fluctuations make some of my SmartThings Motion trigger accidentally. If I had to buy them again I might try the Fibaro detectors for my house; people on the forums seem to like them.

Anyway, make sure you get a motion detector that’s specified for the outdoors.

I use a regular SmartThings Multi for my garage door. Works great.

Thanks for this @baldeagle072. After more than a week of use, I can safely say I no longer need GV for notifications :slight_smile:


Still no native support for choosing whos getting the notifications?

Could you use text notifications to one phone rather than push notifications to all devices that have ST app?

Maybe. But unsure about the support for texts as I am located in Denmark with a Danish phone number. But worth trying.

I use the Ecolink Motion sensors outside and they work well with very few false alarms. Just make sure they are in some way protected from rain as they are not waterproof.

I would recommend the Ecolink garage tilt sensor for your garage door. It is cheaper than the smarthings multi sensor and doesn’t rely on contact magnets. It is specifically designed for garage doors.