iOS / Push Notification Request

(Sean) #1

I am still new enough to ST so if this exists please someone let me know. Otherwise my request is to allow me to specify which iPhone gets a push notification. I created/setup our SmartThings then I sent a request to my wife to join which she did and signs in to the app with her own login. I added her iPhone to ST and both phones are used as presence sensors individually. However, when I specify in a SmartApp to receive a push notification it is sent to both my phone and my wife’s phone. I want to receive certain push notifications that she does not so to not annoy her I opt for a test instead. I would like to select which phone gets a push notification and which does not. Push notifications are better than texts in many cases. If this in fact does not exist in ST app what are the chances of adding it?

Thank you

(Joshua Lyon ( Dashboard)) #2

A number of people work around this by using SMS instead of push notifications. The ability to choose who the push notifications go to is an oft-requested feature so you aren’t alone. :smile: