Notifications and IFTTT


It is my understanding that IFTTT is the only option for restricting who gets notifications. Sending a notification, such as “Front door unlocked” via ST will send it to everyone (Wife + me). If however I want it to ONLY go to me, then I need to use IFTTT. Too, ST only offers notifications and text messaging, but IFTTT gives emailing capabilities. So in terms of flexibility, seems like IFTTT is better way to go for notifications. Correct?

Also, can you connect multiple IFTTT accounts to one ST Hub? My IFTTT and Wifes, each doing completely different rules (spying on each other’s goings/and comings)?

(Thiago Vinhas) #2

I would love to have the option to define who receives notifications. +1 on that as a feature request.

(Edward Pope) #3

Wow they are building quite a list of desired changes. It may take them a while to get all of this done. But I am looking forward to the new toys to play with.

(Chrisb) #4

Yes… currently there is no way to limit who gets push notifications and who doesn’t.

In Android you can setup for the OS to ignore ALL notifications from an App and this should eliminate unwanted notifications. But of course, this eliminates ALL notifications so if it’s a case of you want A,B, and C, but not X, Y, and Z… no luck there. You’ll either get A, B, C, X, Y, and Z, or you’ll get nothing.