Multiple devices stopped working today

All my SmartSense Motion Sensors and SmartSense Open/Closed Sensors stopped working today. They are still showing up as devices in the app but they don’t register status changes. :frowning:
Anybody else having this problem?

Do you have any Zigbee devices still reporting correctly?

Same thing here. No motion detectors or window/door functions. They aren’t reporting. I can manually control things with the app, and I have rebooted the hub.

Honestly, if it’s not one thing, it’s another.

Thanks for looking into it.


For what it’s worth, the Zigbee sensors are not working. One is 5’ away from the hub.

Same thing here. Just the motion events aren’t working my 2. They’re reporting temp and all other zigbee devices are fine. What a crappy day for ST!

Ditto Here! Something is going on with Zigbee. ST probably deploying some secret fix :smile:
Same issues are being discussed in some other threads.

My front door ST Multi Sensor stopped updating yesterday morning at about 7 am. It was new 2 weeks prior and I wasn’t getting any lights when pushing the button inside the case. Ended up putting a new 2450 battery in and it came back to life. The St motion sensors and Z-Wave Door sensors from monoprice were still working.

May not be related but I can’t figure out how I’d drain a battery in 2 weeks when it was last reading 77 percent and not showing any charge in a button cell tester afterwards…

Also the hub’s bluenLED is off. It blinks during an unplug-plug in reset and hen goes back out. No motion. It’s dead, Jim. :confused:


All my Fibaro motion sensors (w custom device handler) and Fibaro door/window sensors (also custom device handler) suddenly stopped working yesterday. In the app they are just showing as question marks?? :disappointed_relieved:

Same for the custom fibaro types, I’ve put mine back to zwave multichannel devices for now, I can operate them but status isn’t accurate.

I guess I am lucky, I only have one second generation smartthings motion sensor that stopped working. Batteries are good, just stopped working.

Dang… I should have checked the forum before I acted. My smartsense open/close sensor stopped working about 14 hours ago. This AM I decided to reset it. It connected no problem but always shows as “open”. Furthermore, when I remove and replace the battery the LED flashes blue just as if it was reset and not yet connected to the hub. I tried resetting it multiple times as well as connecting it to either the hub 1 or hub 2 and the results are always the same.

Same here. Thermostat as well. Motion seems to be working this morning but multiplayer I sensors and Honeywell thermostat are not.

It seems back to normal this morning for me. Not sure what happened, but it was out at least 8 hours before I went to bed.

Mine is back to normal now too. So glad I don’t have to re-program all those devices :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Glad to see it wasn’t just me. I’ve found pulling the battery out of the ST multisensor for 5 seconds forces it to reconnect. That is providing it is somewhere you can get to it. I am really thinking I need to come up with a new solution to control the hall/stair lights. These failures make the odds of tripping over a cat on the stairs at night much too high.

Was there ever a resolution to this? All my motion sensors and window sensors stopped reporting events today. Looks like last motion detected late last night… nothing now. Opened all the windows, not one of them are reporting an event… yet I can see all the devices, showing CLOSED, reporting the temp and battery status.

What is the fix?

This particular one was something that happened at the end of last year and affected custom device types. It was fixed relatively quickly, and was a backend ST issue. It sounds like you might have a different problem.

Thanks. I took out the battery for one of the window sensors, replaced after 15 seconds. Now everything works… this is a bit scary.