Well this is weird (multiple sensors all stopped working, different brands)

So I have a bunch of Lowes Iris Motion Sensors, Iris Contact Sensors and Smartthings Multisense Sensors (Motion). They are all zigbee and recognized as SmartSense Motion Sensor in the IDE.

On Friday I noticed a few of them were no longer recognized on my system so I threw it out to ST Support who provided a litany of reasons such as low battery and wifi interference. On Saturday I remedied the problem by simply removing and reinstalling batteries into the devices.

Yesterday at 4:30pm all these sensors went offline. I cannot get them online again. I have rebooted and reset the hub. I removed batteries. On the Lowes sensors I can see the green light when there is motion/contact but it is deeply troubling that every zigbee contact/motion sensor in the house would fail at 4:30 in the afternoon like that.

Any thoughts?

Aliens! They did it!

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Did you check the first bug reports in the community – created wiki? There are a couple of bug reports there that look like they might be similar to what you were seeing. In particular the one from April 20 under general platform issues.



I went with aliens. Thanks @JDRoberts. I had no idea this page existed.


or may be @SBDOBRESCU 's pet poltergeist.:wink:


I’ve been having a LOT more issues w/ my ST motion sensors just dropping off and not working. Usually, I just reboot my ST hub and they will come back on, but i hate having to take out the batteries, but recently I’ve a LOT more issues with it. It is very annoying, i’m wondering if upgrading to v2 of the Hub, or if that will make it worse.

I have been having the same type issues with devices. My 10 GE Link bulbs have been really rock solid but now over the last several weeks I have had all kinds of connection issues with them just dropping offline requiring me to do a reset. But it isn’t simply zigbee devices for me, I have two GE zwave outdoor plugs that drop off, as well as two WiFi devices that drop out.

A V2 hub won’t fix it. I’m still having many problems with random drops of primarily ZigBee devices with occasional zwave drops. The most troublesome are the ZigBee ST motion sensors, I’m slowly having to replace them with non-ST alternatives.

The best fix ive seen so far is to put your ST-HUB in the trash… My homes been much smarter ever since i did this fix method.

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I had problemas with motion sensors over and over…until I got rid of all my Osram Lights…

Considering this forum is dedicated to ST owners and developers, why are you still active in the forum if you no longer have the hub? Just curious…?