Sensors are suddenly offline


Sometime in the last couple of days my four Samsung multisensors and Ecolink motion detector have become unavailable. My LifX lights and Arlo Netgear cameras are still functional through the SmartThings hub. There was a notification re. an urgent (no prior notification) update to the firmware on the hub on May 3. I’ve rebooted the hub a couple of times to no avail. Am I the only one having a problem?



I was able to resolve the issue but I’d love to know what caused it. I was able to reset each of the door sensors and bring them back online as well as the Centralite keypad. The Ecolink motion sensor had to be excluded then added again. The Aeotec siren also had to be excluded then re-added. The Arlo Netgear cameras and LifX lights (separate hubs ?) were unaffected. If anyone has insight to a possible cause, I’d love to hear it. Thanks.