Some of my devices suddenly became unavailable

This morning, a few of my devices become unavailable.
A few ST open/close sensors but ive managed to get working again by removing battery ( i do this quite a lot actually, annoyingly )
But my Xiaomi motion sensors, a INNR bulb and an OSRAM bulb are unavailable. No idea what has happened but whats the best way to sort this. I really dont want to have to remove them all from various routines etc etc. :frowning:

Thanks for any help

Same here.

Never hurts to try rebooting your hub :slight_smile:

Yeah already rebooted hub.
So someone else has the same issue as well. Hmm

Maybe samsung did an update & didn’t say anything.

whos knows man. so annoying when these things happen

I agree…

Is there anything I can actually do to sort this?

Mine went offline a week ago. I had to repair everything. Don’t delete, just “add a thing” in ST and push the reset button on the devices every second or so until they’re discovered again.

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That did the trick buddy. Thank you.