Many Devices unavailable same time

Hi guy, almost 15 device are unavailable on same time April, 23 at 4:21.

3 Samsung SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor and other 12 an mix Xiaomi and Aqara Door/Windows sensor.

Someone have an idea what can cause this?

From what I see, it was an incident 2 days ago

You should opt-in to the status page of smartthing

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I added one of my Xiaomi Button last night 10:00 works well, so this morning are unavailable again :anguished:

Hi guys, I need help/directions here, today again many sensor are unavailable.

One week ago I after this problem I change the battery.

2 Multipurpose Sensor STS-MLT-250 (Front Door and Garage Door)
1 SmartSense Multi do not have P/N on Tag(Garage Gate)
4 Xiaomi Door/Windows (Windows)
1 Xiaomi Buttom

I removed power and battery of hub for one hours, after power back Samsung sensor are back but have delay to respond, Xiaomi still unavailable.