Sensor mounting tip (UK/EU)

To make mounting of temp sensors or motIon sensors easier I do the following

  1. glue a 5p piece to the wall or mount point (check it’s magnetic first, not all are)
  2. glue a flat coin type neodymium magnet to the back of the sensor.
    Amazon neodymium magnet
  3. mount the sensor by aligning the magnet to the coin…

To make life easier use a hot melt glue, easier still if you have a cordless glue gun. This makes for very easy Removal of the sensor for battery change etc…

Like this Bosch one

Interesting idea. :sunglasses: Most coins from most countries are not magnetic. In the US, there’s only been one magnetic coin, that was during World War II when they ran out of copper.

It looks like the UK took some of its copper based coins and started using steel for the base in 1992, then did the same with some of its silver based coins in 2012.

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We should also note that many open/close sensors might be affected by a magnet if the case is not specifically designed for it. So I’m not sure this would be my first choice, but you could certainly try it and see if it works. :thinking: it’s unlikely to be an issue for PIR motion sensors, though, so that’s good news.

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I’ve done this with motion sensors and temperature sensors. I have not tried contact sensors. Given that the back of the aeotec motion sensor already has a magnet I’m sure it’s fine.

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1 2 and 5 cent euro coins are also magnetic.

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Just use steel washers from the DIY store.


I just use cut tacks or Blu Tack.

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yep, that would work, provided it is strong enough to take the weight. Although blu tack isn’t great outside with moisture content and or brick walls.

I use Sugru, which is moldable silicon glue which starts out soft and pliable and dries to a firm rubber consistency. Really clever stuff. Also easily removable without damage to the surface underneath by scraping it off. And excellent temperature and moisture range. You can fix a mug handle with it and then run the mug through the dishwasher, no problem. It comes in lots of colours, although at our house we mostly use black, white, and silver-grey.

holds up to 2 kg / 4.4 lb on glass, ceramics, wood, metal, plaster, most plastics and fabrics. Also works on most brick and stucco.

I use it to affix SwitchBot to devices like blenders and aircon controls. And to mount sensors and even tablets. I also use it successfully in the car, where most other removable products melt away in the summer. :sun_with_face:

And I use it in the bathroom to hang some small shelves on the shower tile. And to make bobbin hooks that won’t hurt if you fall on them.

Available in both the US and UK at Amazon.

They have a “family friendly” version which doesn’t require wearing gloves to apply, but I find the original has better adherence.

One of my favourite DIY products of the last 10 years. :sunglasses:



Manufacturer site with project ideas:


And it’s nonconducting, so you can use it to repair cracked cables. If you want to get really fancy, you can even manually press it into a 3D printing mold.

And if you want a removable option that doesn’t use magnets, they recommend legos! Sugru one Lego to the wall/desk/dashboard/wherever and another to the detachable object. One guy even did this on his cast so he could use his phone one handed! Brilliant! :grin:

Like I said, I love this stuff. :heart_eyes:. I’ve been using it for about 5 years now.

The only thing is it comes in a box with multiple small packets. Once you open a packet you have to use the small blob inside within 30 minutes, since it begins solidifying as soon as it’s exposed to air. So you do need to plan ahead.

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Hugh !.. didnt even know that existed JD :thinking: Will get some just for incase, thank you for that tip :+1:

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If you’re buying magnets anyway why not just use 2 magnets and not glue any coins to the wall? :yum:

Command strips here, after D/S tape took a small piece of plaster with it when trying change a battery when the mount came away with the sensor…

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you could do that, but then you’d “waste” two magnets and they are thicker than a coin so would sit further from the wall.

But dont forget, it goes off after a while. Keep it in the fridge for longer life.

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Buy the 1mm ones then, even thinner than a 5p and at 100x for £6.99, only 2p dearer than glueing a 5p to the wall

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