Samsung Motion Sensor

I have 3 different motion sensors now. This is my first by Samsung. I have strong doubts about the sticker alone holding the device, as I’ve had others like it fall off until I screwed them in. The Samsung one has no way to screw it though. So… anyone found a way to attach it more securely?

If no ideas, I’ll try to find a solution and post back.

What type of material are you wanting to fix it to? What I did when I needed to attach a self-adhesive device to rough timber was first stuck it to Correx cut a little larger than the device, then fastened into the timber through the Correx. The adhesive seems to love Correx. I guess Perspex would be similarly sticky and probably nicer looking.

When I pulled one of mine off the wall, it ripped the top layer of the wall board off, so I know it sticks to that exceptionally well.

There are all kinds of 2-sided mounting tape readily available. Scotch, 3M, Gorilla Glue, etc. You could also try Command Hooks picture mounting strips. Get the smaller ones and trim to fit.

I always wonder how one changes the battery with it stuck on like that

I’m probably going to mount to the ceiling in a corner, which is painted plaster over wire mesh lathe. I think because the article above warns (despite an attic fan), the glue eventually softens. Moreover, where I intend to place it, it could fall and hit electronics.

Thanks for all of the feedback! I’m going to think further on this

If I remember correctly, the motion sensor is magnetic. So you could fasten a fender washer to the wall with a screw and then stick the motion sensor to that.

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The samsung sensors have a magnetic ball mount to the supplied wall fixing - there is a hemispherical recess in the sensor and a ball on the bracket.

I have used the supplied sticky pad to mount 4 of them to painted plaster, wallpaper and a UPVC window frame. They all went up many months ago and there is no sign of them coming off.

As always, the trick is in preparation, if you clean the spot you are sticking them in advance and the surface is sound they will be fine.

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