Mounting help for Aeotec multipurpose sensor

An appeal to the hive mind

I’ve got an Aeotec multipurpose sensor that I’m using for the side, person, door to my garage.

This one:

The main part is on the door, magnet part is on the molding. I had to chisel a notch in the molding to get a flat spot for the magnet. Problem I’m having is the magnet keeps getting pulled partially or completely off it’s mount by the main part.

Any suggestions? I’m thinking of trying to drill a small hole thru the ends of the case and using screws. Since it’s in the garage I’m not overly worried about appearance

I’d try Sugru first. As I’ve mentioned before, I love this stuff. :sunglasses:


I have not used this specific sensor but from exprience.of.many.others I wouldn’t have thought the two parts needed to be so close together that they interfered with each other on open/close.

Just try increasing the gap between the two to give more clearance?

They don’t interfere.

The pull on the magnet is stronger than the double-back tape’s bond to the door frame. So the magnet part is pulled loose from the door and stuck to the sensor part.

I actually have some of this if it’s not dried out. Worth a shot.

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Apologies, try 3M VHB tape - superb stuff :+1:

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