Attaching Multi-Sensor to Round Washing Machine or Dryer Door

I am using some Smartthings multi-sensors to sense whether the washing machine door is open or closed (and the same for the dryer).

Really simple question - how are folks applying the sensor to the round door? I have the large part on the machine itself, and the smaller part stuck on the rim of the door so that it lines up, but because of the curved shape of the door, the flat sticky part doesn’t get a good grip.

Does anyone have any tips on how to attach it more securely? I guess I could try the flat front of the door and see if it gets close enough to register it’s closed, but that would look a bit naff.

It’s rare for these type of sensors to work on a metal surface, since over time the metal itself tends to become magnetized and confuse the sensor. but if it works for you, that’s good.

As far as sticking sensors to odd shaped items, I generally use Sugru. It’s made for this purpose and works very well. Get the original, not the “family friendly“ version which doesn’t stick as well.



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