Sensative Strips - Invisible Window and Door Zwave Sensor (3mm Thick/ 0.12 Inches)

New IndieGoGo Campaign I came across for Strips - Invisible Window and Door Sensor (3mm Thick/ 0.12 Inches).

Pretty BIG claims with 10year battery life (non-replaceable) but I took the risk and backed the project as I would love to replace my front door ST door/window sensor with something a little more discrete (feel like everyone who comes over my home is asking what it is!).

Just thought some of you may be interested in a discrete Window/Door like this (Be forewarned of typical IndieGoGo/Kickstarter common delays and possibility of total failure :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: )

Yeah i saw this on too on indiegogo. If it were on kickstarter i’d probably be more inclined to take the risk, but i’ve been burned too many times by indiegogo projects. So far everything i have backed on indiegogo has either not delivered at all or failed to get all the basic functionality working. That being said Ive had much better luck on kickstarter. I agree their battery life claims are pretty big considering they have basically stretched out a standard 2032 LiMnO2 battery, like the one found in the smartthings presence sensor. I’d be surprised if it gets 6 month battery life much less 10 yrs and at the $55 price point i just can’t risk that, but i do wish you luck and hope it makes it up to its stretch goal and gets temp sensing too. It looks like a slick device in a great form factor.

I have had exactly the same experience! I have had 8 successfully backed projects of Kickstarter with only 2 hiccups with delays. 2 utter fails with Indiegogo. Fingers crossed my luck is better this time.

I am in condo, front door is <20ft from Hub (open line of sight). My door open/close is 6x average day, also pretty consistent temperature @70 degrees. Figure best possible case for battery life. Mt ST Multi Sensor is now at 16months old and >55% battery (think it was ~90% brand new).

I struggled with ST Open/Close sensor placement, both top of door and side door, gravity had its way and would cause alignment issues. I now have it on the floor but want something more discrete.

Zwave plus is opening up a lot of new form factors (smaller antenna). But as we all know, “hardware is hard.” Mass production introduces a lot of new issues, as many start ups have found.

I’ll wait on this one until it actually comes to market to evaluate.

@jotto I have one of those on a brown door as well, so I used a non-water based stain on it. Believe it or not, it actually turned out OK. Staining plastic isn’t easy, and it is messy if you don’t hold it just right, but it worked. Now when you look at the door you have to search for the sensor instead of seeing it right away. I bet if you bought one of those “stain sticks” used for touching up floors/furniture, you could hide that sensor pretty good by staining it.

That was the first device I bought from ST, and I wish it came in a brown or almond color when I first looked at it. Since then, all my door/window sensors have been Ecolink because they provide a brown cover for the sensor and the magnet, and they were much cheaper (given all I wanted was just open/close capabilities, not all the other stuff with the ST device).


Thanks @johnconstantelo. Just ordered a Stain Marker on Amazon and will try that out when I get it Monday.

possibility of likely total failure.

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Hi, So I’ve bought one of these Strips, and its gorgeous, tiny, but i cant get it to work with Smartthings.
it gets added as a generic Z-wave Door/Window sensor but that’s where the fun stops. Its stays “open” and doesn’t work as intended.

is there a clever boffin that can create a device handler for this PLEASE?

Did this device really get produced and shipped to indiegogo backers already? It looks like their campaign ended only a few months ago.

Maybe there is some info in this thread that can help.

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Sorry, probably should have checked their website first. Looks like they are actually in production, but w/ European Z-wave frequency only right now. buying Strips

If they work well I hope they become available with the US frequency.

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It’s looking like Sensative is making progress towards a US production release of the Strips sensor. According to a Sensative spokesman, they just completed FCC certification, although they were not yet able to confirm a US launch date or planned product pricing for the US market.

I received a prototype US frequency version of the Strips sensor for test/review from Sensative several days ago and am very impressed so far. It is working well with the SmartThings Hub V2. I put together this Strips Sensor Product Review which includes product images and my experiences using it with the US V2 SmartTings Hub. There are several use cases such as high visibility doors, drawers, and refrigerator door, where it looks like this may be my sensor of choice.


After reading @Darwin’s (excellent, thorough) review, I did some research and contacted the company about the US release date. Here is what they responded with yesterday:

Hello Josh,

Thanks for your interest in Strips!

We are expecting to launch our product in the North America within couples of weeks. Please subscribe to our newsletter for updated information on

As we are launching in the US we are looking into what gateways/systems we need to test and verify compatibility. If it is possible, please give us any insights regarding which gateways you think are the most popular in the US.

Best Regards

Saira Khanom


Any way you can put in a good word for me with Sensative so I can receive a US freq prototype?

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Thanks @joshv02! @jotto, as @joshv02 mentioned, Sensative is expected to launch Strips in North America within days to weeks. I can only assume they are in full production now with the US Z-Wave frequency version. I’ve been told the expected price will be approximately $60 US - which puts it right in line with the Aeon labs ZW112-A triangular door/window sensor. It’s quite a bit more expensive than many other sensors out there, but in my opinion, nothing comes close to Strips for combined aesthetics and installation convenience if you have an application suited for it. My Strips sensor is still working well, and I plan on purchasing several more when they’re available for high profile doors and refrigerator.


Hi guys, do we have some good news for you :slight_smile:

Strips is now available for pre-order exclusively at TSH:

The first shipment is on its way and to celebrate it, we’re offering 10% off for all pre-orders while supplies last. Just enter STRIPS10 at check-out. We expect to ship all orders no later than September 29th.

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I just ordered 1 Strip to try out. Thanks!


You should post this in the Deals category. :wink:

Thanks @JDRoberts, all done :slight_smile: As always, invaluable input!

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