Sensative Magnetsensor Z-Wave

So I got one of this because it looked so tinn and invisible.

Got it 2 days ago and aded it to Smartthings HUB 2.0 UK version. everything works great and it connected right away.

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Interesting. How much are they?

That is very intriguing… wonder what you would do if it stopped responding…its not like you could remove power to the thing.

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About 37 GBP or 490 NOK.

Not sure haven’t had a problem with it yet. But will email the manufacturer and ask.

The video in the link below shows that it has a magnetic switch on one end. Looks great but not sure how to get it on the US. Just sent the company an email about purchasing options. Hopefully they can provide some details.

just heard back from the manufacturer. They said they are rolling out in Europe in Q1/Q2 2016 and haven’t decided when the rest of the world may see these.

They said depending on where you live the retail cost will be around 50 £/$/€

Similar to the response I received.

“Depending on where you live, Strips will be available at different times. We are rolling out in Europe right now with a few online sites and plan on a roll out in the US in Q1/Q2 2016. Other parts of the world have not been decided yet.”

i have one t but it doesnt seem to work. please explain how you got it to work with the Smarththings hub v2. mine gets included as a generic Z-wave door/window sensor ok, but it stays permanetly on OPEN, bringing the magnet close does nothing, rendering it useless.

did you change the device type or something?

i’ve unpaired and re-added the device multiple times.

my LED blinks twice, according to the manual that means its in demo mode.

PLEASE advise!

I have the same problem. It’s added as a generic Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor, but only shows open. Moving the magnet over the sensor causes the LED to blink twice, which is some kind of demo mode.

Would love to know how @debrucq got his to work…


Sorry for latte reply.

When I added the strip I first put my Hub2.0 in adding mode. Then removed the 2 magnets from the strips. It registered as a door/window sensor right away.

Then use the flat magnet not the round one. To open close sensor.

My strip have been working flawless for over 2 months now.

I did not need to modify the code for the strip and it should work out of the box. Just make sure the magnet is on the right end of the strip.

Hope this help

Hmmm, wonder if they’ve changed firmware since you got yours. I just can’t get mine to work. Connects fine, but generates no events, constantly shows open and moving the rectangular magnet on and off the square end results in the LED flashing twice.

I can’t even reset mine using the published procedure (round magnet over round end three times, leave on for 10 sec on the third time).

Maybe I have a faulty one…


I would contact your vendor as I did and got a replacement, clearly from a newer batch that likes Smartthings, this new one is working perfectly now. They are VERY expensive, which is stopping me from getting more, but it’s working flawlessly.

Got in touch with Vesternet, returning mine today. I couldn’t even reset mine using their alternative method. Fingers crossed the replacement works.

I’ll keep you posted.

Ok, replacement exhibiting the same symptoms. Twin LED flashes on removing sensor magnet, inability to reset. @Alwas, where did you get yours from? Any chance of a pic of the label underneath, if you haven’t fitted them yet?


I got mine from Vesternet, but if you’re still having issues with your Strip I would contact Sensative themselves, they’re good guys and really helped me out. Just find their website, the respond very quickly.