Anyone try Strip Tips yet?

Has anyone tried these yet:

They only seem to be available in the US at two sites and they are kinda expensive at $60 a pop but they look really nice, or more specifically don’t look anything if installed right. Was wondering if anyone has tried them and if so what your experience with them is.


I’m in the UK and have 2.
One was installed over a year ago and the second one 6 months ago.
I have had no issues with either and both report open and closed as they should.
Not sure what else to say.
Perfect for me.


Yes, plenty of topics on the sensative strips in this forum. The company is Sensative, the product is called “strips.” You came across the page of their website that provides “tips” on how to use them.

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I tried searching for strip tips and found almost nothing on here. Probably should have done it by company. Thanks!

Mine has been running flawlessly for two years

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Thanks everyone. Put these on my wish list in case I do decide to ditch my current alarm system for something better and its very clunky sensors.

Are these things super cheap? I can’t see anyone in their right mind paying more than $5 each when you can’t replace the battery. It’s essentially disposable.

Quite the opposite, around $60 each. But rated to last 10 years and looks a lot cleaner thr most other sensors. Also per other comments since its “sealed” it seems to hold up in worse environments better.

I figured there would be new tech in 10 years and these are the only door sensors that I found that are waterproof


As @vseven mentioned they are more expensive than most contact sensors. Presumably that’s because it’s harder to make a contact sensor that’s only 3mm thick, so they have to make up the costs of their materials, development etc somehow. But if the battery really lasts 10 years then you have to compare the cost against other sensors plus however many batteries you’d replace over 10 years.

Most people on the forum that have them seem to like them a lot.