Aeotec Recessed Door Sensor 7 as a window sensor?

Hi everyone… I’m looking into the new Aeotec Recessed Door Sensor 7. I saw the pairing post that @SBarcus wrote and will use it for sure (I just got my Gen3 hub).

My question: has anyone tried or thought about trying to use this in a window application? I was trying to avoid surface mounted open/close sensors and wondered if this would work well? I know they are IP20 rated which is a concern when it rains, but any other concerns?

Thoughts of using a series of these around the house as window AND door sensors?

Any other ZWave plus friendly non surface mount open/close sensors?

thank you in advance!

Just to add some color. I’ve been using Gen1 hub plus various devices for eons and we’re remodeling our new home. Leaving my Gen1 hub here cuz the new buy liked the smart setup. Getting Gen 3 hub plus new devices in the new place and trying to plan while construction is happening.

Can’t go wired - we’re not doing enough of the house to warrant running low voltage around the whole thing, so trying to standardize on Zwave plus mesh to keep things connected.

The Sensative strips are popular. They are very thin (they have a patent on their battery design) and so can fit along the edges of many doors and windows. Excellent weatherproofing as well. They end up being almost invisible. :sunglasses:

The only way you could use these as a window sensor would be to drill a hole in the window sill for the sensor and the bottom of the window for the magnet. That would leave the sensor exposed to possible rain infiltration as they are not weather proof. I guess you could put some waterproof tape over the sensor to help seal it, but not an ideal solution.

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I was actually thinking of applying a thin Silicon or rubber membrane over it but yeah not ideal. Especially when I need to change the batteries eventually. Theres a thing strip one which is my backup plan.

I imagine it’s ok on an exterior door, placed in the jamb? Those are ok a vertical surface and under an overhang so should be safe… Theoretically.


Yes! These were my alternate plan.

I use it on my wooden fence gate right now and it works great! When my door isn’t hanging on one hinge like a drunken frat kid. But that’s a separate problem. I life and shut the gate and the sensor picks the event right up!


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I have one on my outside basement door. The door is steel over a wood core. I put the sensor in the jamb and the magnet in the door and it works perfectly. I think it would take a hurricane to get water into it, at which point the sensor would be the least of my concerns. :smiley:

Indeed! But u’ll know when the door gets blown wide open right? (God forbid :slight_smile:

Brings up a good point… any range or signal issues with all the material in the way?


My hub is located on the second floor of my house and has no problem getting a signal from the basement Aeotec 7 sensors.