SengLed wifi bulbs keep showing up when not connected

Hello all,
Just moved to a new house. I had a couple Sengled color wifi bulbs conected to my network at that house. The new house I am not using those bulbs, not connected to the network. My Smartthings keeps finding them and adding new devices to the system thus Alexa then adds them also. I checked my Netgear Nighthawk router and the bulbs are not in the access control as connected. I delete them from both the Smartthings and the Alexa just to reappear agian later. How can I stop this?


Unfortunately SmartThings does automatic discovery for devices on the same LAN. It can be quite annoying.

This feature is called “automatic LAN discovery” in the new architecture but has the same end result: devices are automatically discovered and added to the account.

We find this particularly annoying at our house because we are three housemates and one of them has his own set up in his own room which is not supposed to be on the smartthings account for the house. :rage:

You can try setting up a guest network and putting your Sengled bulbs on that and see if that isolates them. :thinking:

If you mark in the Wi-Fi and bluetooth settings, “Ask to add devices”, it should ask you instead of adding and I don’t know if you answer “NO add”, it no longer asks for those devices until you clear the app cache,

walking down the street ever came up, Do you want to add Samsung xyzxyz TV to your smartthings ?.
I say no, and it won’t come out again if I pass that way again.

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Funny thing is that the bulbs are not connected. I have not yet screwed them into a socket. They are sitting out in my garage. That’s why I can’t quite figure out why it keeps trying to add them. They have no control and the app says they are not connected. Wierd

Ah, sorry, I misunderstood the question.

If they’re not on power at all, then they’re just still in the device tables for your account. And they will stay there until you delete them. I don’t know why they’re coming back, though, in that scenario, that’s weird. I would suggest starting a support ticket.

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I solved it. Those bulbs were still listed on the Sengled app, which is also online I think. Deleted those and Smartthings has not added them again.