Trouble discovering Sengled Zigbee bulb with Alexa

I’ve got the smartthings v2 hub, a Sengled classic a19 (zigbee) bulb, and the alexa app on android.

Alexa can pretty much discover everything on my hub except these 3 sengled bulbs. The bulbs are connected to the hub and are on.

I tried going into the Alexa SmartApp and manually selecting which devices could be discovered. It didn’t work.

I’ve removed the bulbs from ST and rediscovered them. Reinstalled Alexa. Disabled/enabled ST skill.

I’m out of ideas… anyone have any suggestions?

OK, it seems like Alexa is only discovering devices from ST that it thinks are WeMo switches. Some of them actually are, some are RainMachine devices enabled through a SmartApp.

What options do you have selected in the Alexa smartapp?

I have disabled the switch that allows Alexa to see everything and instead have only selected a few of the switches (sengled bulbs) that I want discovered.

Do the device names have any symbols, punctuation, or other non-word characters?

OK I got it working! I had 2 home locations. I couldn’t delete one of them. Even though I had Alexa picking the correct one, it still couldn’t find those other devices. I had ST support delete the bad home location and disabled/renabled the skill and now it’s working! Appreciate your replies :slight_smile: