Sengled element plus

My bulb was unresponsive, so i toggled the switch. Still unresponsive. So i removed it. Now I’m trying to reinstall it. And st can’t find it.

Just today, my sengled element classic BR30’s and A19’s that have been working for months are not responding with ST. My other devices such as Philips are working fine.

I wonder if there is something going on with ST. I know they are doing firmware updates tomorrow and wonder if there is something going on with their systems

Yah. See what happens tomorrow. I’d re-pair it with the sengled hub, but I got rid of it when I got ST.

By last night, my Sengled bulbs started communicating correctly with ST. I didn’t do anything :slight_smile:

mine took a couple resets before smartthings found it again.

I’m using the “ZigBee White Color Temperature Bulb” device handler. I don’t see any dimmer control, just the color temp. I’m I missing something or have the wrong device handler?

Never mind I’m just blind. I don’t like how they have theb brightness control just a small vertical bar in the bottom right corner of the status…when they have the Color Temp controls as big an obvious button w/ status.