Sengled Element Color Plus Device Handler Help


I’ve used Sengled Element Classis bulbs for a while now, which are not great quality, but work reasonably well with ST and are a bargain. I recently picked up a “Sengled Element Color Plus” starter kit ( when they were on sale for $51.99. I set them up a while ago, without the included hub (directly to ST Hub), and from what I remember, there was no default device handler assigned the them. So, I tried with a few diffent default and custom Zigbee Bulb device handlers, but so far I can only get dimmer and color temperature functions to work, and have had no luck getting the color function to work at all. Right now I am using the ZLL Color Temperature Bulb handler, but am interested if anyone else has been using these, if they’ve gotten color functions to work, and what handlers they’re using.


Edit: Found a solution, still some issued getting it to automate color scenes in WebCore, but at least this device handler gets color, temperature, and brightness all working.

Rumor has it Sengled will be improving support for this in early to mid 2018.