Sengled Element Classic A19 and ST issue

I recently got a ST hub, I see the hub as active in my app, ive got about 20 of these bulbs in place and am trying to get them to pair but not a single 1 of them will connect and show In the st app. If i go into pairing the hub blinks green. I do the reset on bulb by flickering on and off 10 times, but still cant get anything to pair. Any ideas??

How close is your ST hub to your WIFI router? Or how close are the bulbs to your ST hub when attempting to pair them? :slight_smile:

How many other Zigbee devices (if any) do you have paired to the hub already? And if that number >= 32, how many of them act as repeaters?

Did the bulbs flash after the reset, to confirm they were reset?

I went ahead and did a full reset on the hub and now everything is connecting!

What is your definition of full reset?