Sengled E11-N1EA bulbs color mode doesn't work

I bought this a couple of days back:

Sengled Element Color Plus Lighting Starter Kit, Control up to 64 Bulbs, 16 Million Color Output, Tunable Warm White to Daylight (2000K – 6500K), Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

It was a starter pack containing three Sengled E11-N1EA bulbs and a Sengled hub. The box describes them as Element RGBW Bulb, Model: E11-N1EA (3PACK). The hub that came with it is an Element Hub, Model Z02-hub.

When I attach the bulb to the hub it came with and use the Sengled Element app, it works fine and I can control the colors of the bulb. I then disconnect the bulb from the Sengled hub and discover it with the SmartThings app using my v2 hub.

Samsung SmartThings doesn’t recognize that model number. It detects it as a “Thing”. So, I popped into the website and configured the device type. The closest device type is a generic Zigbee RGBW bulb. Everything except the color controls works with that device type.

My inquiry is two fold,

  1. Can SmartThings hub please be set up to recognize these bulbs?
  2. Has anyone gotten SmartThings to control the color on these Sengled E11-N1EA bulbs?

Did anyone get it working with ST hub? Samsung support couldn’t get it working, either. They said the model number isn’t supported yet by Samsung SmartThings and that I should check with “the community”. So, here I am!

Thank you!

Having the exact same issue, fantastic post summarizing everything.

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I’ve been working on a device handler for it. Here is what I have right now.

Sorry, it’s my first time doing a DTH, and I’m not the brightest, so it’s pretty rough. But it mostly works.

The bulb only accepts colors in X,Y instead of the usual Hue,Saturation. I took some code from the IKEA Color device handler for xy transformations. I had to tweak it a bit to get the colors to come out right.

I’m having some trouble getting the Smartthings app to recognize the color change, but it goes through. I think the problem is in the parse() section. I’m not sure how to modify it for XY instead of Hue/Sat. I’m getting this when I change color in the logs.

catchall: 0104 0300 01 01 0140 00 2ADC 00 00 0000 0B 01 0700

I’ve been on quite a trip learing about zigbee clusters and color spaces, etc. Hopefully someone smarter will make a good version eventually.

Update: Fixed the hue/sat reporting. Color names should show up in the app now.


I appreciate your effort there. I’m pretty new to SmartThings, so I’m not yet familiar with what to do with a device handler. Guess I’ll be doing some googling. Hopefully some other community folks can chime in and work out the remaining links.

Thanks again! Merry Christmas.

What a great community, got my kit yesterday, saw this post last night and I wake up to a DH. Thank you.

This is a great start, really appreciate you doing this. Have it set up and colors are changing! Thanks again for your hard work.

Had to make an account just to say, Thank You Obi2000!

These color bulbs must be brand new, I bet Smartthings will catch up and include an official handler eventually. For the time being, Obi’s handler does everything I need it to do.

It’s great to hear people are getting some use out of it. I figured out the problem I was having with reporting the colors. So the DTH will now display names for the bulb color. If you want it, I’ve updated the github with the new version.

Did you guys get some amazing deal on these? Just curious why someone would pay $130 for 3 color bulbs. Do they output much better colors than other cheaper color bulbs (hue, osram)?

Ended up being 16.50 a bulb the day I got them. There was a 30% discount in addition to another discount.

And FYI, Sengled replied to me over FB messenger and said support is expected in Q1 2018.

I got my kit for $51 after all the discounts amazon was having. Not a bad price for RGBW bulbs. The colors on em are better than my BR30 Osram bulb, which I’ve never been impressed with. Also I’m gonna give the included hub to my mom. So that works out well too.

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GREAT DTH! Thank you for taking the time.

Obi - 1 request and 1 potential bug
Request - Does this bulb have the FLASH feature? If so, could you add a handler?

Bug - I set my color to blue via the selector, and dimmed to 6%, when I back out one screen the bulb told me it was “OFF” not “ON at 6%” Not sure if that is a refresh thing, or a rounding, but thought I would tell you.

Again, great work. :slightly_smiling_face:

HUE color bulb kit costs $193.97:

Evidently there still isn’t a delivered handler. Yours works great with Alexa however the bulbs do not show up under devices in the new Smartthings app. I can see that they are listed by looking at the hub but it doesn’t show them in rooms, however the IDE shows them correctly.