White temperature

Hello I need some help to find a smartapp or to create a webcore that can help me change the temperature on 2 light bulbs that i have. Right now they are daylight but i can change to warm white but I do not know how to using smartthings.

Brand and model of the bulbs?

Sengled Element Classic A19

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Can’t adjust the color temperature on those.

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I checked the tech specs on these bulbs and it says that they are dimmable but says nothing about changing the temperature of the bulb.

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Thank you guys i thought i got the one that i could …

When you do find a bulb that has adjustable color temperature, all you need is a device handler for it that enables adjustment of the temperature. If you use a bulb that’s supported by ST, you won’t need to do anything.

No smartapp or WebCoRE piston needed (unless you mean you want the color to change based on some kind of trigger or condition).

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I believe the Sengled Plus is their model with adjustable temperature.

Do you have any recommendations on witch divices handler I can use in the feature?

I will check that one, I like their price on light bulbs

To make things simpler for yourself, just use a bulb that is officially supported by SmartThings.

Then you won’t have to worry about the device handler that is associated with it.

Google “works with SmartThings” to find the list of officially supported devices (sengled is on that list).

Or just look in the marketplace in the app

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