Sengled classic went offline from ST need help pairing

Hello, I have a Google Home working with a ST hub and 4 a19 sengled classic bulbs in different lamps. A couple days ago 2 of the sengled bulbs went offline, I tried to reset them as instructed on the sengled YouTube video and they seem to reset.

Now I haven’t been able to find instructions on how to pair the two bulbs again.

Any assistance is much appreciated.


I think if you just go back to add device in ST they will re-pair. Since they are Zigbee and being re-added, and not added from scratch, you don’t get that dialog that confirms the addition and allows you to rename. I think the bulbs will likely just blink to confirm they were added with no indication from the ST app. I haven’t had to do it with a Sengled yet but that’s how it has worked for my GE Link and Osram Lightify bulbs. To get the bulbs to enter pairing mode I’m not sure what you have to do but its probably just power them off then back on or something like that. Are you sure they reset? With the two brands I’ve done it was turn off then on X times with a delay of Y seconds between off/on then it would go dim/full to indicate reset.