Sengled - Contact Sensor - DTH For Local Execution?

I’ve recently picked up some of the Sengled Door/Window Zigbee Contact Sensors, and added these into SmartThings without issue. They come up as “NYCE Open/Closed Sensor” which appears to be a Cloud based DTH.

I’m wondering if anyone has used these sensors with a different DTH that allows for Local Execution? If I can’t get these to work with Local Execution, I’ll have to return these, as the latency of the Cloud I’ve found is too slow for turning on lights based on a door opening.

I usually just try all the DTHs until I find one that’s local and still works. That one should be Zigbee and I’m not familiar with it. Sort of a pain, but worth it to be local.
If you find one, please post which you choose. Might save someone the time later.

You could always look at the source code to see what makes it special.

Thanks for the tip! I’ve switched to the “SmartSense Open/Closed Sensor” which does run locally. This does seem to work for the Open/Closed (Contact Sensor), however does not display the temperature and I’m unsure about the Battery Status (need to keep an eye on this). So, this may be an option - although not ideal.


Just one further note on this. I had a power outage to my hub and the these door sensors did not come back “online” until I actively opened/closed the door. Not a huge deal, but worth noting. Granted, I don’t know if it would be different if I had the proper Sengled DTH - but then I would be on a cloud based DTH which I was originally trying to avoid.

Anyone have any thoughts?

You may want to consider getting a UPS backup for your hub :slight_smile:

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I have, this was a ~4hr outage, a few weeks ago (before I turned on these new sensors) I had a ~52hr outage. I need a generator. :slight_smile:


Hi my friend, Im thinking about get 4 of these, at the bottom line and after some months using them do you recommend them ? They can be got at really great price ! and looks really cool by its size, Sengled bulbs are always recommended so I think brand is good quality …Thanks in advance

Or solar power with a battery. Just sayin’… :wink::sun_with_face: